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his return is at hand

The Good News

2014 Oct 17 by Saabria Nejem
The good news today is that our lord of everything cthulhu is close to returning, should happen some time in the next couple months. I for one am very excited about this. Its what I live for now that I don't have a job worthy of keeping once he returns. It has long been said that one must posess great patience and you must remain true to your core morals. This is an essential part of being and without it cthulhu will just prolly eat you. I'm sorry it can't be a lil more rough but thats the case.

No Good Deed

2011 Jan 12 by Saabria Nejem
There is a reason no good deed goes unpunished. It is something we all know deep down, but why does it happen? The answer may surprise you!

The Jesus Deception

2010 Oct 23 by Saabria Nejem
Satan the accuser has is known throughout time as an evil character who questioned those who's spirtuality is weak.