Satan is Jesus

Written: 2016 Feb 3 by Saabria Nejem

There are two distinct entities that we must define to prevent confusion further on. First of all, there is no ‘Jesus’ or ‘God/Lord/Allah/Yaweh.’ There is Lucifer, who is truly a benevilant soul, cast out for standing up for us. There is someone who claims to be the LORD, however his more common name is satan.

Satan spent all of early humanity tricking and brainwashing us. He enslaved the first souls setting them up for inevitable failure. Giving us eternity to make a mistake. When none was made, he instigated and instilled to manipulate. Years wen’t by and when Jesus appeared through truly demonic means, the pregnancy of a kid who’s mother has no idea who the father is and assumes it was ‘immaculate.’ He manipulated this ‘Jesus’ to become the con artist and cultist that he was.

After starting a cult among the criminal and prostitutes of society he managed to gane a bit of a following. During this time, this young form of Christianity spent years fighting and warring with any of those that didn’t follow his ways. After a while he was captured and slayed for his crimes against humanity. The years that followed, satan manipulated the most powerful of Jesus’s gang, allowing them to use Jesus as a martyr for their cause.

Satan proved that peoaple are easily manipulated, they’ll follow any false god that appears. When a man appeared, who was well studied in the texts of the time, and claimed to be the son of God many saw through his lies. Truly the son of god could convince everyone, everywhere of being genuine.

As time went gone on the cult became stronger and more willing to use overwhelming force incase of resistance to conversion. The texts created during this time were the new testament and the old testament was maniuplated to the version we have today. Each new generation being told stories that were just slightly older than they could ever ‘check out.’

Until recently, the common person never had access to any sort of history book and relied foolishly on their local community religious leader for history. This has allowed, too long, for religious leaders to slowly manipulate society as it has evolved insuring a foothold in the community to constantly leech off of the ten percent of others.

Don’t be fooled with false gods and idols such as crufixes. Jesus is a con man, and anyone who falls for his false promise of eternal life will be sadly dissapointed when they come to never realize they died barganing their soul to god.

The relationship that satan, or the LORD, asks of you is complete faith and to give up yourself to him. What does this mean in reality? You give up your discretion, your ability to think for yourself. You give up your love, your time, your money, your effort, you give yourself. He asks you to fear him. Essentially our soul is a collection of all of our emotions, love, thoughts, fears. His demand is that of an abusive lover, give yourself and you’ll be loved, don’t give yourself and you will suffer.

No true god of love and life would ever demand this. Only someone who wants your soul. The bible promises anything will be provided with a prayer if we give ourselfs up and believe. Do we really need to sell our soul like that? They are never answered and when coinidence or enivability confirms a prayer then satan laughs up as he further seals his lie with a kiss.

What can you do? Give up on jesus, repent him from your soul, and clense yourself. You are your own soul. Lies that have decieved many for a long enough time tend to be forgotten however when the lies are forgotten the deception is passed on as truth!