Disclaimer to Everyone

Written: 2016 Feb 3 by Saabria Nejem

My Credentials

My credentials are simple. I have been an ordained minister since September of 2011. I have studied the ways of our lord since I was 7 years old. My mission is to spread the word to everyone that the lord calls upon. In 2011 it was my mission to work on spreading the good word to those around me to better the lives of everyone.

None of this happens by chance, but is pre destined by our lord Jesus Christ. He guides us in our feeble lives while we prostrate ourselfs for our lord, in his name.

The Need to KNOW Info

For those in the know.. this shit is 100% real. If you hurt yourself doing spells and dark magicks backfire and a demon possesses you, Its not my fault you touched something beyond your skills. Also, get the fuck away from me, or else I will slaughter your demons with my non-magical bludgeoning weaponry.

The type of Magic that is presented here is indeed real. These magicks are old and have been obscured and hidden through the ages and partially (still an ever ongoing project) reassembled through painstaking research and many nightmares.

The spells presented have been tested as working by various people. They may not have been successfully performed since, but the spells selected are selected so due to their high quality and minimal dark side effects.

There is also one more thing not often said about dark magic. For everything given, you must pay the price. This is true in all magicks, except for what makes dark magic different is the cost is often associated with evil or or maligned spirits. This is mostly an opinion however. The ‘cost’ of inducing dark magics is often hidden within the spell itself, sometimes the mear desire of hurting someone is enough to feed the requirement of the spell, but other times more taxing payments may be required.

Why do I practice dark magicks? Because simply, magic is not nice, nice magic contains next to no power and has high costs. If I cast a spell to make someone stay away, a ‘nice’ spell might cost a lot to present a viable distraction to the person I dislike. However if I simply didn’t care, I could call forth a hungry demon who would thank me for an easy meal. He might also eat the guy’s puppy as well. While the puppy eating aspect may not be okay with most, it is okay with me.

If you understand a spell, you can more often than not, associate the payment with the outcome of the spell. Make it do the heavy lifting for you. If you do it properly you can ensure that you never pay the price for fulfilling your deepest desires. These Dark Magicks are the only kind that can do this.

What about him? He rules you and I. None of the spells here have to do with raising him, I just needed someone to dedicate my magic site to; a mascot if you will. For a site dedicated to dark magics, who else better? Besides I want to be eaten last.

to skeptics/parents/catholic church I don’t really need this however I felt it important to say something to those who may be shocked by the content here. First I must address those concerned about the content and think its bad. fuck off and die. Cthulhu does not like you. besides its fake. hi mom!